SJM Concerts presents:



  • Date: Sat 1 Oct 2022
  • Venue: The Cluny
  • Advance tickets: £11.00
  • Doors: 8pm

ZELA, siblings from the North-East of England, have created a dark and imaginative brand of attitude-laced alt-electronic pop. Think Charli XCX meets Wolf Alice, with a hint of Doja Cat and Yungblud. Dirty, pulsing basslines meet distortion-soaked synths and driving, electronic drum beats, and the pair have become known for their signature use of sampling front-woman Liv Griff’s vocal and using it as an instrument in itself. 

New single ‘High Wasted Genes’ explores youthful freedom; bad behaviour, taking risks and the impulsivities that come with being human. This punky, dark-party anthem, born out of a time of social restrictions, is an unchained, passionate expression of Liv’s emotions towards the importance of surrounding yourself with those who set fire to your soul, and living in the moment when the primal urge to do so takes over. 

Pulsating 808s and vocal samples tear us into the track, before drummer Max Griff pilots the chaos with a driving display of live & electronic rhythm; a perfect example of the hybrid style the pair are becoming known for. With lyrics inspired by human connection, wild nights with friends, festival debauchery and relishing in the beauty of the comedown together; there’s also a deeper undertone to the track which explores themes of progressive politics in recent times, and embracing who you truly are to your core, flaws and all.

‘High Wasted Genes’ will be accompanied by stunning visual content in the form of the duo’s debut music video, directed and filmed by Ollie Rillands. Shot on location in Newcastle, the video sees the pair night-rioting throughout a disused hotel, an empty nightclub and a windswept Northern beach, in true high-energy ZELA fashion. 

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