The Cluny presents:



  • Date: Fri 18 Nov 2022
  • Venue: The Cluny
  • Advance tickets: £15.00
  • Doors: 7pm

Stage Times


ycni:m and The Cluny

If you were to make a film about yourcodenameis:milo then you’d lose a significant amount of money in doing so but that could be offset against the location budget. You’d need the back of a splitter van, our rehearsal room and The Cluny.

For the majority of our time we rehearsed just up the hill so all visits from managers, labels, agents, publishing etc. all got to hear some music then got to go to The Cluny where they could buy us booze. In the beginning A&R liked it so much we worried if people wanted to come up to see us or needed a reason to drink there and get the receipts reimbursed. We ate lunch in there all the time when we were rehearsing and recording and then called in for a pint on the way home. We held our hometown All Roads launch show in the big room and that felt great because we all felt so at home. There’s some bad times there too, labels saying we aren’t getting what we want, band members leaving, deciding to put this whole thing to bed for a while. All of it had The Cluny in the background. All of it.

Since then every one of us has been there in one, if not more, musical projects and again, it’s home. It’s a big front room we get to play in. The importance of venues like The Cluny can’t be underestimated in terms of the role they play in the musical ecosystem. In the midst of all this going on now and so much hanging in the balance we thought if we’re going to do it then it’s got to be for good reason so here we are. And this time The Cluny is front and centre.


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