The Cluny presents:


With support from

  • The Warner E Hodges Band


  • Date: Sun 15 Oct 2023
  • Venue: The Cluny
  • Advance tickets: £20.00
  • Doors: 7pm

“You’ve heard our name, you’ve seen our records, our t-shirts and our stickers. We’re probably the favorite band of someone you know and yet maybe we’re still a mystery to you. Well my friend, that’s okay, you’re at the right place to get to know the greatest .rock-n-roll band in the world, The Supersuckers”

Supersuckers is an American rock band formed in Tucson, Arizona, in 1988. The band is known for their high-energy blend of punk rock, cowpunk, and hard rock, often infused with humor and a rebellious attitude. The founding members of Supersuckers are Eddie Spaghetti (vocals and bass) and Dan “Thunder” Bolton (guitar). Over the years, the band has seen various lineup changes, but Eddie Spaghetti has remained the constant member and frontman.

Supersuckers gained a strong following with their live performances and released their debut album, “The Smoke of Hell,” in 1992. The album showcased their raucous sound and irreverent lyrics. They followed it up with “La Mano Cornuda” in 1994, which contained their best-known song, “Born with a Tail.”

The band’s music often draws influences from classic rock ‘n’ roll, punk, country, and blues. They have been associated with the alternative country movement and have also been referred to as “the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.” Their music combines catchy melodies, distorted guitars, and driving rhythms.

Supersuckers have released numerous albums throughout their career, including “The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers” (1995), “Must’ve Been High” (1997), which featured a more country-influenced sound, and “Motherfuckers Be Trippin'” (2003). They have continued to tour extensively and have developed a reputation as a must-see live act.

In addition to their own music, Supersuckers have collaborated with other artists, including performing as the backing band for Steve Earle on his album “The Supersuckers.” They have also shared the stage with notable acts such as Motörhead, The Ramones, and Social Distortion.

Overall, Supersuckers are known for their energetic and loud performances, their eclectic blend of musical styles, and their ability to keep the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll alive.

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