The Cluny presents:

Raised By Owls


  • Date: Sun 6 Oct 2024
  • Venue: Cluny 2
  • Advance tickets: £12
  • Doors: 7pm

What do you get if you cross five misspent youths, a sardonic streak a mile wide, and a dildo-wielding Mr. Blobby?

Raised by Owls aren’t sure, but they’re Hell-bent on finding out. Spawned from the depths of Derby- shire to provide you with a mild sonic disturbance followed by an immediate apology, the band are still here and aren’t messing about.

Formed in 2015 by Sam Strachan (vocals), Alex LeGrice (guitar), and Lee Deane (drums), the band was brought to full strength the following year with the addition of Mark Bainbridge (guitar) and Tobias Cope (bass). Their first album “The Great British Grind Off” was an eclectic ode to the bizarre quirks of British culture, earning the boys the honour of playing Bloodstock’s New Blood stage. Second album “Dreadful” built off this foundation, proving that the band were more than a fluke and saw them returning to Bloodstock to play to an at-capacity Sophie Lancaster stage, this time with Mr. Blobby and dildos in tow.

Where the pandemic forced many bands into a lull, Raised By Owls used this downtime to hone the visual element of their craft and spread their brand of outlandish absurdity via tactical use of social media. A running theme is the idiosyncrasies of the metal scene that metalheads often take for granted. The quiet approval when spotting another metalhead in the wild, the satisfaction of covertly blasting death metal in public, or the heated debate over who is most metal: to lifelong lovers of heavy music, these have been observed, adored, and respectfully mocked. With over 50 million views and 90,000 followers across various platforms, Raised By Owls hope to expand on these ideas with their next album.

With their upcoming full-length, “Vol 3: The Satirical Verses”, Raised By Owls are looking to push the envelope further and prove that there is a place for their brand of irreverent eccentricity within metal’s hallowed halls. Tight, well-crafted songs that pay homage to the music they love whilst poking gentle fun at the inherent silliness of metal culture is the band’s gambit: expect a levelled-up sonic onslaught that will have you laughing and banging your head in equal measure.



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