The Cluny presents:

METZ + Psychic Graveyard


  • Date: Mon 4 Apr 2022
  • Venue: The Cluny
  • Advance tickets: £14.00
  • Doors: 7:30pm
  • Curfew: 11pm

The music made by METZ, Alex Edkins (guitar & vocals), Hayden Menzies (drums) & Chris Slorach (bass) has always been a little difficult to pin down. Their earliest recordings contained nods to the teeming energy of early ‘90s DIY hardcore, the aggravated angularities of This Heat, & the noisy riffing of AmRep’s quintessential guitar manglers, but there was never a moment where METZ sounded like they were paying tribute to the heroes of their youth. The sonic trajectory of their albums captures the journey of a band shedding influences & digging deeper into their fundamental core—steady propulsive drums, chest-thumping bass lines, bloody-fingered guitar riffs, the howling angst of our fading innocence. With Atlas Vending, METZ not only continues to push their music into new territories of dynamics, crooked melodies, & sweat-drenched rhythms, they explore the theme of growing up & maturing within a format typically suspended in youth.

Covering themes such as paternity, social anxiety, addiction, isolation, media-induced paranoia, & the restless urge to leave everything behind, each of Atlas Vending’s ten songs offer a snapshot of today’s modern condition & together form a musical & narrative whole. The result is a record that sounds massive, articulate, & earnest. Bolstered by the co-production of Ben Greenberg (Uniform) & the engineering & mixing skills of Seth Manchester (Daughters, Lingua Ignota) METZ deliver the most dynamic, dimensional, & compelling work of their career.



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