The Cluny presents:

Lazy Rave

With support from

  • Layla Tutt


  • Date: Fri 19 Jul 2024
  • Venue: The Cluny
  • Advance tickets: £11
  • Doors: 7:30pm

Back at the Cluny by popular demand…

LAZYRAVE a 4 piece electronic band from Newcastle upon Tyne. An unlikely union of frontman (Dan Clark) and drummer (Ben Kindlan) from rock & roll band ‘The Kush’ with producer (Mark “Clem” Clemmett) and tech engineer (Pete Cheyne), LazyRave blend multiple genres in a sound that is both nostalgic yet innovative. Every rave, every afterparty, every live gig is buried deep in LAZYRAVE’s music. Kinetic, atmospheric, evocative, propulsive, grungy, euphoric: LAZYRAVE are an authentic collaboration that have earned their sound and lived their lyrics.

Support form the fantastic LAYLA TUTT !

Hailing from Birmingham’s post-industrial heart, Layla’s unique blend of rusty guitars, punked-up bass lines, and wistful vocals, paired with James Covell’s scintillating keys and dynamic arrangements, create an electrifying musical experience. Inspired by legends like George Harrison, The Clash, and PJ Harvey, Layla Tutt’s high-spirited and emotive performances are a must-see. Catch them at their next gig and witness the vibrant energy that has captivated audiences from London to Birmingham.

Grab your tickets now for a night of unforgettable music!! 🙂

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