The Cluny presents:

KariBow plus Stuckfish


  • Date: Sat 16 Apr 2022
  • Venue: Cluny 2
  • Advance tickets: £12.00
  • Doors: 7.30pm
Karibow, neo-progressive melodic rock, with shades of Marillion and Saga passionate songs performed in true crossover style, reflecting AOR giants such as Toto, Journey and Asia, blending guitar riffs, hooks, keyboards and drums, and all overlaid by the haunting vocals of lead singer and band frontman Oliver Rüsing.
KariBow’s prolific output has seen them release no less than 5 albums, two of them doubles, in the last 4 years with more to come including re-workings of selected songs from their enviable back catalogue.
With over 20 years of material to choose from, Karibow will be sure to have something for everyone!
OLIVER RÜSING Turion. Band leader,Vocals, Guitar, Piano, E-drums. Prolific writer of numerous KariBow albums. Flowing blond locks and prone to pogoing. We’re hoping the leather trousers stay at home this time.
GUIDO SIEFERT I2TB, S@IV@L, Critical Limit, MONO, Karl Heinz. Guilty secret: wants to play in an Abba tribute band!Keyboards.  Acerbic wit. First ‘on the road’ each day, his single mindedness hides a big softie!
FESCHI (Felix) RO POPESCHI Bass. The baby of the band, a philosopher, loves jazz, and spicy crisps! Inventor of fabulousness!
PHILIPP DNHR Previously with studio project Chronicle Mind. Guitar. He is the only band member to play ‘from the belly’! Discovered cider AND gin on the last tour in his introduction to the U.K.
GERARD NAHRGANG Die Cosmonauten. Drums. Serial tea drinker and piano tuner, he has over 30 years ‘in the business’ and is the only drummer Oliver would trust with his precious first love, the drums!
Stuckfish are a band whose building blocks are friends Phil Stuckey and Ade Fisher whose love of melodious rock with a progressive twist led them to form the group.
With two critically acclaimed albums to their credit, ‘Calling’ and ‘The Watcher’, they have created an avid following, who have been drawn to their bombast and technical dexterity, weaving classic storytelling with soaring guitars from Ade, driving rhythm from Sayers and Morey, and the powerful voice of Stuckey.
Compelling live performances to date will draw in yet more fans, mesmerised as they perform a range of songs that perfectly captures the spirit of their music.
PHIL STUCKEY Singer and songwriter. Ex Judas Rising, VOTV, Black Sedan, Overkill. Lives in a world of fantasy.
ADE FISHER Composer, producer and guitarist. Ex Heavy Load, VOTV, Tony Liddle, Thrust, Overkill. Loves Laurel & Hardy.
Holosade and Amortura drummer. Brings the average band age down by 20 years.
Classically trained musician persuaded to play bass. Increases the average height of the band by a foot.
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