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  • Date: Thu 30 May 2024
  • Venue: The Cluny
  • Early Bird Tickets: £12.50
    Advance Tickets: £18.50
  • Doors: 7.30pm

Renowned lyricist Homeboy Sandman is poised to make waves once again with the announcement of his latest album, Rich II produced by Mono En Stereo. Rich II is set to release on May 3rd via his imprint Dirty Looks.

“God. Love. Freedom. Talent. Magic. Health. Truth. Walking with God, being free, finding oneself and finding love is what real richness is.”  Homeboy Sandman defined the true meaning of “Rich” with the release of his album in 2023. The “Rich” album garnered critical praise from Pitchfork, HipHopDX, Vibe Magazine, KEXP, and more. Pitchfork commended the emcee saying, “When it comes to underground rap veterans who have remained both prolific and reliable, Homeboy Sandman doesn’t have much in the way of competition.”

Rich II takes a different tone than its predecessor exploring themes of resilience, determination, patience, gratitude, and growth. Rich II features a masterclass in production as Homeboy Sandman once again enlists skilled beatmaker Mono En Stereo; the producer behind the boards for “Kool Herc Fertile Crescent,” “Dusty,” and “Rich.” Homeboy Sandman on Rich II and working with Mono En Stereo states, “Myself and my twin flame, Mono En Stereo’s run of creative congruence continues, thank God. This time we’re a bit more serious, a bit more somber, a touch more introspective.”

Among the tracks featured in Rich II, Homeboy Sandman delves into a spectrum of human experiences and emotions. “Leave Me Alone” addresses the struggle against external pressures and the quest for personal autonomy, inspired by individuals encroaching on his peace of mind. Conversely, “The Place I Want to Be” and “Need A Woman” reflect on past mindsets that eventually led to finding love, with the latter serving as a poignant commentary on the importance of substance over superficiality in relationships. “Every Day” serves as a guiding framework for Homeboy Sandman’s life, akin to foundational texts like the 10 commandments or the constitution, offering insight into his values and principles. “Mayor Koch” showcases Homeboy Sandman’s unique ability to craft rap anthems with a distinct flair.

Rich II promises to be a testament to Homeboy Sandman’s unwavering commitment to authentic storytelling and musical innovation. With Mono En Stereo once again at the helm of production, fans can expect a rich tapestry of beats and rhymes that transcend the boundaries of conventional Hip-Hop.

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