The Cluny presents:


With support from

  • Reservoirs
  • Detroit Tourist Board


  • Date: Sat 5 Aug 2023
  • Venue: Cluny 2
  • Advance tickets: £7.00
Holiday in Tokyo will perform their new album “White Marquee” from front to back. The album tells a story of honesty; beginning with satirical funk-rock bops and descending into earnest, alt-rock ballads. The band received local acclaim for the singles released in the build-up to the launch (White Marquee, Biggest Fan, Overwhelmed and Diving Board). To celebrate the release of the album, limited vinyl pressings (manufactured at Teeside plant Press-On) will be available to purchase at their merch stand. Their track, Overwhelmed, appeared on Narc Magazine’s annual mixtape.
For fans of Vampire Weekend and The Beach Boys, Reservoirs showcase their technical prowess with a “dreamboats and petticoats” flair. All led by the powerful voice of frontman Philip Richardson.
Detroit Tourist Board
The indie-folk outfit led by Detroit-born singer Patrick Lawrence put storytelling front and centre. The band return to Cluny 2, having launched their album “1985” in 2019. With an arranged of acoustic guitar, violin and ukulele , Detroit Tourist Board are bound to get your foot tapping.
Link to White Marquee single on band camp.
Spotify link
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