• Date: Sun 30 Jan 2022
  • Venue: The Cluny
  • Advance tickets: £10.00
More live than most electronic bands, and more electronic than most live bands, Grey Tapes is a beat-maker and producer collective based in Newcastle upon Tyne. The group consists of Mr Blazey, Bert Verso, Calum Howard, and _Bain_, with Dan Potter on live drums.
Grey Tapes endeavour to keep live electronic music truly live – avoiding clicks, sequencers or backing tracks in favour of live sample triggering and instrumentation. Everything you hear is played manually by a finger, an arm or leg.
Each member of Grey Tapes is a producer in their own right, giving the live band a wealth of electronic music to perform. Their instrumentation includes double bass, live drums, homemade midi controllers, synthesisers, piano, samplers, vocals, drum machines and omnichord. Grey Tapes’ music traces the lines between hip hop, trip hop, jazz, electronica, ambient and lofi dream pop.
“Stunning production and incredible live” – Empty Shop HQ
“Alluring electronica…all the more fulfilling for its wholesome live presentation” – NARC magazine
“Rich instrumental electronica” – Electric Sheep blog”:
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