The Cluny presents:


With support from

  • TV Death


  • Date: Sun 18 Jun 2023
  • Venue: The Cluny
  • Advance tickets: £12.50
  • Doors: 7pm

Bubbling up from the psychedelic tar pits of L.A., Frankie and the Witch Fingers have been a constant source of primordial groove for the better part of the last decade. Formed and incubated in Bloomington, IN before moving west to scrap with Los Angeles’ garage rock rabble, the band evolved from cavern-clawed echo merchants to architects of prog-infected psych epics that evoke a shift in reality. After a stretch on Chicago/LA flagship Permanent Records the band landed at yet another fabled enclave of garage and psychedelia – Brooklyn’s Greenway Records, now working in tandem with psych powerhouse LEVITATION and their label The Reverberation Appreciation Society, the group’s latest efforts are dually supported by a RAS / Greenway co-release.”

Frankie and the Witch Fingers is a rock band known for their psychedelic and garage rock sound. The band was formed in 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The members of Frankie and the Witch Fingers are Dylan Sizemore (vocals and guitar), Glenn Brigman (drums), Josh Menashe (guitar), and Alex Bulli (bass).

The band’s music is characterized by its energetic and raw sound, drawing influences from various genres such as psychedelic rock, garage rock, and punk. They have been praised for their high-energy live performances, incorporating elements of improvisation and experimentation.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers have released several albums, including “Frankie and the Witch Fingers” (2013), “Heavy Roller” (2016), “Brain Telephone” (2017), and “ZAM” (2019). Their music often features distorted guitars, swirling organ sounds, and catchy hooks, creating a mesmerizing and trippy atmosphere.

The band has gained a dedicated following and has toured extensively, performing at various music festivals and venues around the world. Their music appeals to fans of psychedelic and garage rock, as well as those who enjoy a lively and captivating live music experience.

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