The Cluny presents:

Dry Cleaning [Rescheduled from 2020]


  • Date: Fri 19 Mar 2021
  • Venue: The Cluny
  • Advance tickets: £12.00
  • Doors: 8pm
  • Curfew: 11pm

“Like empty bottles melted down and repurposed as stained glass, Dry Cleaning’s assembled observations capture the distortion of life on and off the internet, of spewing our deepest emotions into an anonymous void but biting our tongue when we encounter a real person. Type what you really feel, then close the tab and delete your history—maybe Florence Shaw will find it” – Pitchfork

“‘It feels like acting,” says Florence Shaw, frontwoman – not singer – of the London indie band Dry Cleaning. “Speaking your lyrics is acting, more than singing is. Everyone knows what it sounds like in a person’s voice when they are irritated, or when they are in love. The voice changes, and it doesn’t whack you in the face – it can be quite subtle and creep up on you more’”– Guardian

“The glamorously intelligent post-punk that was incubated in English art colleges forty years ago is reconstituted with panache in Dry Cleaning: it’s almost shocking to hear lyrics referencing not Margaret Thatcher but Meghan Markle. This young London quartet is effortlessly magnetic and impossibly British, with an ace card in Florence Shaw—a vocalist who rarely deigns to sing but, rather, presents her lyrics as if engaged in an apathetic phone conversation” – New Yorker

“Shaw’s vocals — dry, authoritative and dripping with attitude — are what give Dry Cleaning a distinctive edge, whether she’s opining on her cat, phone scams or Meghan Markle. The music is all pretty great, too: angular, shringy, danceable post-punk. Dry Cleaning are far from the first to go this route, but the Sweet Princess EP feels vital and fresh” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Florence Shaw’s deadpan-then-vicious spoken word delivery add a new twist on Dry Cleaning’s gritty post-punk. Her lyrics come from stray details and overheard conversations and YouTube detritus — the jumble of a mind in an era of too much information and too many stimuli, the outpouring of it all ultimately making Dry Cleaning somehow therapeutic” – Stereogum (best new bands of 2019)

“Florence Shaw is at the center of Dry Cleaning’s slow and methodical post-punk. She’s an exciting new vocalist because of the way that she manages to not sound excited at all… Boundary Road Snacks And Drinks swallows Shaw’s voice right up into a series of moody and textured songs that get at how rote life can sometimes be” – Stereogum (Best EPs of 2019)

“Dry Cleaning—emphasis on “dry”—use bleak humor and acid sarcasm as a way to cut life’s thousand tiny indignities down to size. You have to be a sharp writer to make this kind of withering wit work, but fortunately, Shaw is one of the sharpest” – Bandcamp essential release


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