The Cluny presents:

Beau Bowen


  • Date: Thu 14 Nov 2024
  • Venue: Cluny 2
  • Advance tickets: £12
  • Doors: 7:30pm

If you’re looking for something punchy, neoclassical, and semi-abstract, and that leans toward strong musical flavours, you can’t go amiss with the avant-garde duo BEAU BOWEN.

If you’re a fan of Sparks, perhaps with some of the supernatural essence of Björk you’ll be a little closer to embracing the beauty & variety of the BEAU BOWEN sound.

It is a sound that you will want to hear again and again – this music invites intimacy. These Auteur-Rockers have even created an ingenious visual package, which delivers a multi-dimensional live show that is a spectacle to behold.

How do audiences react to Beau Bowen’s music? They are mesmerised. They are transported. They are warmed, and they are inspired. The Beau Bowen melodies are beautiful, catchy and strong, and the lyrics are charming with a delicate and childlike nature. The themes are innocent. There is nothing to fear! You might choose to describe their music as art-pop, but that’s not the point, because it is certainly not grandiose and it is not toplofty, or judgemental. Their thoughts are straightforward and lucid (even though they often deliver highly skilful, multi-dimensional complexities).

Just one listen will let you in on all you need to know: they love music, they love performance, they love one another.

BEAU BOWEN are today’s missing link with the eternal heartbeat within artistic performance and musical expression!

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