The Cluny presents:



  • Date: Sat 10 Aug 2024
  • Venue: The Cluny
  • Advance tickets: £10
  • Doors: 7:30pm
  • Age restrictions: 16+

Progressive, rebellious, and iconic Abnorm release songs that are bold, unapologetic, loud, and gritty: everything a young Ab was told not to be. Abbie started a project transforming her accumulated rage into tasteful rock music that packs attitude. The Newcastle-based band have been played on BBC Radio 6 and their last single Red Lines is available to stream now.  Last year was particularly busy for the group with a whole raft of shows across the North East including dates with scene luminaries such as Trunky Juno, Ten Eighty Trees, Tired of Fighting and Shredd.

The group has been working hard to create new material during the first half of 2024, the end product of which will be unveiled during the summer.

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